Telepathic Connection to Extraterrestrials from Other Star systems and Galaxies

I was born in a sunny corner of England, steeped in rich history.

To put it mildly, my life has always been a bit different.

At fifteen, my destiny was changed forever when I had a physical encounter with the spirit of Jesus.

Nowadays, I use extra sensory perception and telepathy as a way of life, and can be in touch with the spiritual realms, Spirit Guides, and Angelic beings. But when something extra special comes up which is of importance to helping others around the world, the Extraterrestrials from the Andromedan Galaxy send me telepathy.

In 1992, an amazing contact with an Extraterrestrial from the Sirius system along with many others, gave me personal information and details of their involvement with Planet Earth. Out of this information was born my first book, Voices from Our Galaxy.

Incredible paranormal events have shaped my personal destiny. In ‘To Andromeda and Beyond’, all new information shows new possibilities for mankind, with details about the multi-level functioning of the human body in its physical and energetic form. Parts of our brain and body, as yet still unused, form the gateway to our future.

How can we deal with our present day difficulties and create a better way of living now? The answers are given here for us,  along with the message for us to get to know our off world friends as they are, and not be afraid because they may look different…..we are, after all, just another race among many in this Galaxy.

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Two new books are on the way… being published as I write this, with astounding news on the near future for us all.

Look  on Amazon for  ‘Wake Up to Change’ Part one and ‘Wake Up To Change’ Part Two- A Chronicle of Journeys…. for all the latest information. Available in May/June 2017

I am also an Artist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Sound Therapy practitioner and teacher of over twenty five years, having been involved in practice and training across the world. On my journey with Sound, I have gathered an enormous wealth of knowledge regarding frequencies of the body, emotional and physical medical conditions, nutrition and diet, and some say an extraordinary ability to pinpoint the emotional problems that create ill health.