Preparing the Way for Change with The Andromedans

Extract from Wake up to Change – a Chronicle of Journeys

Message from Lamgan from the Andromedan Galaxy to Elaine.

Lamgan: Tell them all about us, our ships, our way of being. Earth is in the process of a structural transition. It is changing now, and about to change more, with land, weather, climate and position. It will be nothing you cannot or will not deal with.

You will find when all is done that the most important aspect to emerge is living in LOVE—being happy and content with what you have, and seeing the other dimensions from within that space. When the pressure of this Earth to survive are lessened (living simply, with joy) you will walk through into the different dimensions with ease. It is all a preparation  for  a kind of death in a way. The genetics of the human body are wonderful but flawed, and whilst redressing those flaws, many of you who realise that this body no longer serves will leave it behind as you join the next dimension and beyond.

Elaine: I don’t quite understand…can you explain more simply?

Lamgan: The Earth will change – Many people die as the normal balance of Earth continues.   You are in a process of modification for your energy. We are helping to save the human species in its physical form, ad there will be improvements.

Elaine: How will those improvements happen? What are they?

Lamgan: It is and ongoing  subtle affair—as you have grasped, with the aid of higher vibrational genetic master manipulators, a frequency band has been activated around the Earth. It began in pockets in 2005 and gradually linked up using the electromagnetic grid around the Earth. It took up to two years to manifest change in people, and there were some who resisted change at first. As you know, frequency can be nullified if the opposing frequency is stronger. Its like giving your PC (earth people) an upgrade—sometimes there are bugs that need to be fixed as the program opens up. We will not know to what extent this will be until the frequency is ‘up and running’ strongly all over the earth.

Q: How long have you known these beings (the genetic master manipulators) were coming?

Lamgan: We have always known they would come back. They have talked with us at the Council meeting place, and it was decided that these steps should be taken in conjunction with the earth’s changes. We can monitor what will happen on Earth long before you detect these things.

There is a much bigger plan underway, the details of which are held by many other Extraterrestrials—they all have their part to play in this doing different jobs, and taking care of different aspects of the Earth. As changes occur we must rescue some elements (birds and animals) before they are lost forever. A lot of them, we already have—but we will preserve life where we can.

This is one reason why we encourage you to let go of possessions, they only anchor you to the third dimension. When you return home, then you will let go of even more. You will see that being in the energy of LOVE for all things, is enough to raise you to see the coming reality. There will be no need to ‘fix’ human problems/illnesses in the same way as before. We will teach you  another way to help others, as we know this is one way in which you manifest your love.


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