Readings and Guide portraits

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News Update: At this time, (2017) due to work overload, a third and fourth book being worked on, and a very busy schedule, I can no longer take any more readings or guide portrait commissions at this time.

  • Personal reading with me by appointment. Up to one hour  session which includes a CD for you to take home.
  • Email Reading. Send a photograph of yourself with your questions to me; I email your reading to you.

Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel Portrait

  • Maybe you want to find out who your Guardian Angel or Spirit Guides are. You may have a feeling that you have a guide, but can’t find a way to connect. This is where Guide pictures help tremendously.

They strengthen the link between you and your guide, and give you a visual image to focus on. I encourage those who wish to meet and work with their Angels and Spirit Guides to develop their intuitive ability through meditation and visualization.

Try using guided meditation tapes to help yourself to develop. Meeting your guides is a very personal activity and it is a wonderful experience when you can accomplish this yourself rather than have someone else do it for you.

There will be new events coming in 2012 such as meetings and workshops for those of you interested in personal development.  Be sure and bookmark this site and check back every so often.

What is Clairvoyance
What is clairvoyance?

It is an ability to tune into many different dimensions, see images, and listen in to what is being said and done. I can only describe my ability as a function of my mind, which, like a ‘radio receiver’, has the ability to tune up and down the wavelengths to find the different levels of the spiritual world.

My Clairvoyance and telepathy encompasses many things. I am able to contact loved ones who have passed over, see people’s Guides and Guardian Angels, and extend my receiving ability into the dimensions where beings from other worlds transmit their messages. It has been a blessing and a test in my life to be able to do this…..I didn’t TRY to do it, it just happened. And what an amazing gift it is too!

I extend my field of energy so that I can FEEL inside what is happening for someone else, over any distance. I can also remote view……and on another level, I use what is called psychometry. This is being able to hold an object or  photograph, and read, see or feel the energetic memory patterns in it. I can feel the personality and emotional patterns from just holding the photo, and tune into all available data.

I had a wonderful experience once whilst leaning on the wall of an old abbey. Without consciously trying, I suddenly became aware of a scene in history playing out in front of my closed eyes, and I knew that I had tuned into the memories held in the stone wall that I was resting on. It was quite beautiful, and very surprising to me at that moment, as all I was intending to do was rest for a short while!

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  1. Leonie Sheedy on said:

    Hi how do i go about booking a reading with you, I am in Bristol


  2. Crysta on said:

    Book-marked, I really like your site! 🙂

  3. Alison Muir on said:

    Hi Elaine,

    I’m just wondering if you are the Elaine Thompson that I saw in Vancouver many years ago. The reading was at your house off of Oak Street.the Is this you?

    Musings and smiles

  4. Cemeish Blocker on said:

    Interesting 😉

  5. Kami Knebel on said:

    Many thanks for publishing this info. It is really essential for me.

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    I really like what you’re providing here. Keep going that way. Take care!

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