To Andromeda and Beyond

Chapter 1: Stepping into the future for us all. Taking people up on ships in times of extreme climate conditions: Advancing towards being an intuitive based society: Explaining the fourth dimension: Bi-location and solar activity.

Chapter 2: Eco-roads, antigravity hover cars and boats: Life on a planet a bit more advanced than us: A new miracle polymer from silicon and an element found in sea water: Controlling the weather on earth: The end of fighting and the beginning of co-operation: antigravity and neutralizing nuclear waste.

Chapter 3: Our Sun and its effect on earth and our solar system: Planet Miras and the ‘fish’ people.

Chapter 4: Sensory telepathic communication: An Andromedan home: Aspects of human ‘internal television’, being a human transmitter and receiver: Location of these energy points in the body and human sensing devices: Healing and repairing yourself physically and emotionally: How to ‘come in’ and ‘go out’ telepathically.

Chapter 5: Advice for us, clean body-clear mind: The importance of glutamates: Activating DNA with frequency: Mastering our emotions, and who can change?

Chapter 6: The ultimate power of the heart: Energetic power lines from the body and cellular knowledge:  Fear: light and dark/negative and positive– the true explanation:  The Power of Now—‘doing’ from ‘being’.


Chapter 7: Exploration in The Large Magellanic Cloud Galaxy: Introduction to a new species of being who have amazing mathematical abilities with trinary code: The organism used to create organic ships:  Partnership between the two to advance technology.


Chapter 8: The beginning of our Universe–what happened: The light within the dark matter: There is nothing without consciousness: The Ultimate Creator: How we can create in the future.

Chapter 9: Up on an Andromedan Starship: A council meeting inside the ship to discuss Earth and what will happen during extreme climate change: a new look at Orbs and what they are: Invisible creatures that live all around us here.

The Masters of Binary and Trinary code mathematics

Chapter 10: Beings that mimic and are masters of trinary mathematics: Further explanations of light and dark matter: Trees that can move.

Chapter 11: Heart links in telepathy: The diamond grid around our planet: Sound and frequency lasers: Things to work with for learning telepathy.

Chapter 12: 7-7-2007: Another energetic point in the body associated with identity and possessions.

Chapter 13: Awareness and consciousness: We meet Ptplec’s father and sister: Love and strength: Manifesting holograms.

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8 comments on “To Andromeda and Beyond

  1. Marjory Kwasny on said:

    I agree what a really well written story, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment Marjory!

  3. Saleena Ki on said:

    I study this book like a handbook for new kind of living… So many amazing insights, and offerings to assist us personally and planetarily to awaken and to bring ourselves into a new reality and to help bring the planet back into balance. There are so many astonishing and interesting subjects covered by the Andromedan, Ptplec and his Mother. My book is underlined, earmarked and notes on almost every page that I can go back to and reference in my life. All I have to do is flip through it and once again I am astonished at the rich treasure they have shared with us. I know as we really pay attention to what they and many other EDs (Extra Dimensionals) are sharing and put it into practice our world will change for the better. I think this would be wonderful organized as a “UNIVERSE-ity” Course.

    Her other book, Voices from our Galaxy is rich with many star beings viewpoints and very intriguing.

    Elaine is a great writer, visionary and has her own unique and effective healing method using sounds and frequencies to help fill-in missing elements, using the voice analysis as a base for it. Thank you for such a profound sharing.

  4. forseth on said:

    wow – now that’s what i call a good article. keep up the work

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  6. Dweezil on said:

    The forum is a brighter place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

  7. Theron Cobane on said:

    I like this post, enjoyed this one…. regards for putting it up.

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