Everyone has ESP

I’m very blessed and grateful that I have Clairvoyant ability. I also feel that we all have the ability to sense things ‘other’ than the normal in our lives. We all do it, all the time…. but the thing is, we don’t pay enough attention to it, or sometimes we are just downright scared by it and  then start to think its all hooey!

That’s when we close our minds to the possibility that there is MORE out there than we are aware of or can deal with right now.

All small children are naturally open and aware of much more than we realize whilst they are learning and growing, but –they think it’s normal and natural, and don’t say anything,…..just as I did when I was a child.

I assumed everyone could see coloured halos (auras) around adults, and I somehow  ‘knew’ when something different was going on that was not the same as the words and actions I was seeing and hearing.

The time comes in everyone’s life when you lose someone you love dearly.  I lost my own husband after only four wonderful  years of marriage. This can then spur anyone into action…searching for the proof that there is life after death, because the only thing we all don’t want is to believe that someone we hold close in our hearts is gone forever into nothing.

So we begin to seek out mediums that can connect to the spirit world, and sometimes this is prompted by  strange things happening around us in the house…in the kitchen, bedroom, hallway. Feeling that ”somebody is there” and having a kind of knowing that it could be your lost loved one.

The people you love, once they have passed over — all want to let you know they are ok.

And if you can allow the awareness of those feelings to grow and be ‘OK’, you can go on to develop our own intuition and connection even more. With enough openness and practice, anyone can develop or strengthen their innate extra sensory perception (ESP).

Tapping Into the Power of Intuition and Awareness.

Try the following visualization exercise–It can help you reach a meditative state, while keeping you firmly grounded and centered.  Try this exercise for five to ten minutes a day to start. If you already meditate regularly, go for fifteen or twenty minutes each day.

1.   Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet firmly on the ground. Take two or three deep breaths and exhale completely after each breath — mentally relaxing your whole body as you exhale, beginning with your scalp and face, not forgetting your jaw muscles and your eyebrows and continuing on down your body until you reach your feet  and toes.

2.   So then imagine the very top of your head (crown chakra) opening up and imagine or visualize brilliant white light pouring down on you from above, and feel it filling every cell of your body, until it shines out and surrounds your body like a glowing capsule, completely enveloping you in light and energy. (Think of the old Ready Brek advert!)

3.   Then visualize beams of that energy pouring out from the soles of your feet, flowing all the way down to the centre of the Earth. Breathe in the returning Earth energy up into your entire being, right to the top of your head. This anchors you to the Earth and keeps you balanced whilst you take in the energy from above.

4. Visualize the Universal energy fusing and melting into  the Earth energy. Together, both the Earthly and Universal energies combine to create a golden light that pulsates throughout your body. Feel, for a few moments, the soothing warmth of the golden light. Let it bathe every cell and molecule in your whole body and energy field.

5.   Now imagine a bright violet light emanating from your forehead. Feel it expanding and glowing like brilliant amethyst. Feel this light for a moment. Is it cool? Is it warm? Focus your attention on the feeling.

6.   Once you feel that the brightness of the violet light has reached its brightest point, allow the light to diminish and become no more than a candle flame, like a pilot light. Keep this light burning.

7.   Open your eyes and take another deep breath. Try not to focus on anything in particular, as if you are daydreaming. How do you feel? What do you see?

Close your eyes, and look at the back of your eyes…breathing deeply as you do, then imagine that your eyes are looking through your forehead at the ‘third eye’ centre.

As you flicker through thoughts and perceptions and back to that ‘dream space’  Close your eyes, and look at the back of your eyes…breathing deeply as you do, then imagine that your eyes are looking through your forehead at the ‘third eye’ centre.

At first, any images may appear unclear or out of focus. Don’t try to clear it, or a stray thought brought on by outside surroundings may drive the impression away. Stay relaxed and focus your concentration on any images, and gradually the picture will clear. You may find yourself in a “daydreaming” state with your eyes slightly out of focus. This is the ideal state to receive mental images.

You may see colours, shapes, and symbols. These mental images can convey a tremendous amount of information. For example, if you see the colour green, this might indicate healing and growth. Shapes and symbols also have meaning. Clouds may stand for revelation or clarity. Animals signify important metaphysical concepts. A cat might represent transformation, while a hawk or a falcon might embody aspiration, freedom, and the rise to a higher level of consciousness.

As you progress, you may also begin to see moving pictures inside your forehead with the screen behind the third eye. These may be from past, present or future.

If you should see images of things you don’t like, the key is not to be afraid! This is only a test from your inner self. If you want to succeed, you have to walk this path without fear.

When you have finished, or feel you cannot see anything else, visualize the golden glow around you as being whole like a complete bubble. See the universal energy pouring into your energy field from above and keep this connection throughout the day. Say a mental thank you to those who guard and guide you, and give yourself an inner smile. Imagine every organ in your body smiling. Remind yourself of this throughout the day.

Developing your clairvoyance is an ongoing process. Each of us is unique and develops at a different pace. Practice with like-minded friends who can give you feedback. Call a friend on the telephone and, with her permission, tune in to the colours she is wearing, or which room she is in, or what she is doing at that given moment. Don’t be dismayed if you don’t always get it right. Allow yourself to learn, and above all don’t judge yourself. Be patient and you will begin to open up to your higher self and its wisdom.

Most importantly, always use your ability for good. We are all spiritual beings enjoying our human experience, each on our own path. Remove your judgement, honour others who are on their path, and bless them on their journey.

5 comments on “Everyone has ESP

  1. Teyler on said:

    Excellent subject. I could not have thought off that !

  2. Bierce on said:

    Very helpful post man, thanks for the info.

  3. mike johnston on said:

    I think you are beautiful and you have helped me get inspired. I have always felt that I have a connection with other things.
    I have printed out the helpful meditation process to open the mind and I’m going to try tonight.
    I’m usually outside gazing at the stars and I think that would be the best place to start. Thanks again!!

  4. South beach on said:

    your blog is very nice very nice

  5. Great – thanks. I want to expand upon what I already know but as you suggest it requires effort and persistence. My little thing I do which causes quite a reaction is when someone is telling a story and the end starts with, “You’ll never guess how much..(usually a dollar$ amount).” I invariably nail it instantly – exactly what they were about to say. It’s only a fraction of what you’re talking about but current science can’t explain this small example of ESP!! Thanks again

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