A Guide to help you all with the coming Earth Changes

A Guide to help you all with the coming Earth Changes by Lamgan from the Andromedan Galaxy


1)     Preserve that which sustains all. (Such as air, water, plants, and trees)

2)    Support that which grows. (All of Nature)

3)    Breathe life into that which is dying.

4)    Repair and bring life to that which is old.

5)    Re-use and re-create with what you have already.

Now some further helping instructions for balancing Nature and life.

6)    Learn to cultivate and balance nature from those who know.

7)    Respect all that was here before you. This includes plants, trees, animals and indigenous humans.

8)    Learn and share trades and skills.

9)    Encourage selflessness. Give and exchange freely.

10)  Respect and appreciate all things.

11)  Debate and allow all viewpoints. See merit in simplicity.

12)  Encourage children from the moment of conception with love and joy.

13)  Share the things that bring you joy, and live the peace you want for your world by example.

14)  See all as equal – people, trees, plants, animals.

15)  Do not confine or take the life of any living thing.

16)  Learn to communicate with all living things.

17)  Support others joyfully in creative work and play.

18)  Learn to express yourselves in song.

19)  Recognise that all levels of fear are self-created.

20)  Remove all boundaries across the Earth.

21)  Promote a peaceful United People of Earth, whilst retaining your racial and cultural uniqueness.

22)  Eliminate persecution of any race or living thing.

23)  Seek beyond man-created religion for greater truth.

24)  Love yourself and love others in the same manner.

25)  Use your power of intention for good, daily.

26)  Honour sea creatures as you would land animals.

27)  Know that the bigger picture will reveal itself more and more each day.

     28)  Be prepared to welcome people from other worlds.

The most pertinent excerpts and extracts from all previous material given to me by the Andromedans

 Golden rules from Lamgan, from the Andromedan Galaxy

It is time for all people to really let the ownership of material things go, on a certain level. This does not mean giving everything away and just sitting down and waiting. What I mean by this, is not to place so much emotional importance on material things. For the time being, the most important thing on your human agenda should be to align your vibrational frequencies with that which will come, and that which is coming now.

Be much more in tune with the less distinct subtle energy that is all around you. If that means spending more time sitting in contemplation, walking in nature or writing, and less time washing the dishes and scrubbing the floor (although there is nothing wrong with that) then so be it. It all boils down to your emerging awareness of what is already there, but has previously been unseen and unfelt – and where your internal focus of attention is. So whilst you are doing tasks that you need to do in daily life, be mindful. Keep your focus of attention on the energy all around and within you.

If your extended five human senses are put into daily use, this will raise the level at which your physical body and cellular structure vibrates, entraining you to match the dimension that has always been there. This is the very same dimension that resonates with all you are seeking now. It’s the place where a better, more loving and peaceful world exists, where everything feels right.

Sensing earthquake activity, rain and atmospheric changes in energy should be a most natural thing to you, but so often you are taken by surprise with the weather. Animals, birds and all other living things (except humans!) are acutely attuned to this as part of their lives – it’s as natural as breathing.

The time has come to recognise that all your fear is self-created by you, and you must recognise that you can perpetuate it, or let go of created negative beliefs that do not serve you, and change. This is always, as you wish. But evolution requires change, and so it must be.

Planetary shifts. It won’t be quite as bad as you think it might be; bad enough, but not as cataclysmic as some of your prophecies predict. With Earth changes, the really big difference comes in the subtle energy changes. You have those people who talk about Ascension and going into other dimensions. How can you be aware of other dimensions without your sensory antennae turned on? To have them turned on you need to be aware of them!